Food Restores Damaged Muscle Tissue After Post Workout

best post workout foods

Pain in the muscles will usually occur when we finish strenuous exercise. This occurs because muscle tissue is damaged and is in the process of recovering after strenuous exercise.

After exercising, muscles use glycogen for fuel and the cells are damaged. To restore used glycogen, regrow muscle protein, and stimulate new muscle growth, eating nutritious foods helps the body to complete the process faster.

Now, to speed up the process of restoring muscle tissue after strenuous exercise, you need to eat the right foods. Some of the following will help speed up muscle tissue recovery, without excess calories that can damage your workout results.

1. High Protein Foods

Protein is a building block that the body needs to replace damaged cells. Eating a high protein diet can reduce inflammation and restore lost muscle mass. Foods high in protein include beef, chicken, fish, eggs, nuts, tofu, tempeh, milk and dairy products.

2. Foods High in Fiber

In someone who has an injury, physical activity will be reduced, so that high-fiber foods are needed to facilitate digestion to prevent constipation. Likewise, if we consume foods high in fiber so that the fatty acids produced from food sources of protein do not accumulate which can cause the fat content in the body to increase and is dangerous for the health of the body. foods that are high in fiber are found in vegetables, nuts and seeds.

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3. Vitamin C

Vitamin C is useful in the healing process in addition to antioxidant function, is a major component of connective tissue, increases the growth of fibroblasts and chondrocyte (production of connective tissue and cartilage).

Foods high in vitamin C include red and yellow peppers, oranges, mangoes, tomatoes, papayas, berries, kiwis and dark leafy vegetables.

4. Foods High in Calcium and Vitamin D

Calcium is important for improving bone density and normal muscle contraction. To form calcium absorption, you need vitamin D. Foods high in vitamin D such as egg yolks, mushrooms, milk, salmon, tuna.

5. Zinc (Zn)

Zinc (Zn) is an important component in helping wound healing and tissue growth. Lack of zinc (Zn) in food delays wound healing. Foods that contain zinc (Zn) are found in shellfish, fish, beef, chicken, legumes, nuts.

6. Magnesium

Magnesium plays an important role in bone formation and increases bone strength. Magnesium can be found in avocados, cashews, peanuts, almonds, kidney beans, peas.

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